A 28 minute documentary by
l i t t l e   m a r g i e   p r o d u c t i o n s

in cooperation with PROGRAM and YLE/FST Finland

with support from

The Swedish Cultural Foundation
The village of Högsåra

Meet Mariano Sotelo, a young Argentinian sailor, who comes to Högsåra, an island in the Finnish archipelago. He fishes and farms with his pal Nacho and tells us about village life.

He stays with Lelle and Trygve Örnell, who are charmed by his lively Latin ways. Their daughter Jenny is not  always so enamored.

Maggy Fellman

Eki Halkka

Pete Krook

Graphic Designer/Director’s assistant
Mary Woolley

First Broadcast:
13 January 2001