A 26 minute documentary by
l i t t l e   m a r g i e   p r o d u c t i o n s

In cooperation with YLE/Teema, YLE/Export and Matheus Oy, Finland.

The documentary covers the highs and lows of Marimekko and where the company stands today. Some of the classic prints, such as Unikko from the 1960s are still in production.

Armi Ratia, who created the company and Kirsti Paakkanen, who saved it, are the two strong women behind Marimekko. Some of the designers that they have promoted, such as Maija Isola, Fujiwo Ishimoto  and Ritva Falla are stars in their own right.

Maggy Fellman
Eki Halkka

Producer / Writer
Maggy Fellman

Photographer / Editor
Eki Halkka

Steadicam Operator
Antti Hacklin

Script consultant
Erja Sievänen

Egon Plaedaemskis

Assistant Producer
Maja Lindholm