A 49 minute documentary by
l i t t l e   m a r g i e   p r o d u c t i o n s
A Finnish documentary film team goes to California where medical marihuana has been legal since 1996, to find out how their system works. They choose Oakland as their base.

There cannabis related companies, such as Oaksterdam University, which has been called the cannabis capital of the US if not the world, are treated like any other business. And the tax revenue they pay has contributed to the city´s renaissance.

The team also tries to answer the question: why and how cannabis became criminalized when both alcohol and tobacco are legal?

Directors / Writers
Maggy Fellman
Eki Halkka

Maggy Fellman

Photographer / Editor
Eki Halkka

Photographer / Steadicam Operator
Antti Hacklin