A 28 minute documentary by
l i t t l e   m a r g i e   p r o d u c t i o n s

In cooperation with YLE FST5

Lucia, patron saint of light, was born in Sicily in 248 AD. She died a virgin martyr for her beliefs. This documentary celebrates her feast day, 13th of December. We follow the tradition as it’s celebrated today, and her life during roman times.

Lucia’s legend is shown in the style of a 1930’s black and white silent film.

Directors / Writers
Maggy Fellman
Eki Halkka

Maggy Fellman

Photographer / Editor
Eki Halkka

Photographer / Steadicam Operator
Antti Hacklin

Teemu Konttinen

Script consultant
Erja Sievänen

Egon Plaedaemskis
Helvi Lassfolk
Elias Lassfolk